Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good and bad sides of owning a crocodile.

            There are a lot of people who like pets and want to have a cute puppy or a kitten at home.You can always cuddle to a soft fur.How about having a pet like a crocodile?Owning a crocodile has it's good and bad sides.
           Firstly,this kind of a "pet" is very original and enables us to show off.It may be a good start to engage a conversation or strike up acquaintances.People will consider you an uncommon and remarkable person.You may become famous for having such a reptile.Media can become interested in you and your crocodile may give you a chance to become popular.
           Secondly,it's an extremely interesting experience to have a crocodile.You need to feed it with meat,walk it and play with it(!) It's a pet that you don't get bored with.It's a dangerous meat-eater and you always have to be careful while taking care of it.
            On the other hand,owning a crocodile has disadvantages:it's very expensive to support.It's sustenance is pricey and this big animal eats a lot.Moreover,it would be really costly to bring it to the vet.It would also be at high price to provide it a terrarium.
             Another drawback is that the crocodile will not necessarily be happy.A wild animal needs conditions at least similar to these at large.It needs a lot of space and we aren't able to ensure it.It also needs a high air temperature and some of the elements of it's natural environment to feel good.
            Owning a crocodile has it's pros and cons.Although it's an original and interesting animal it is also very costly to support and the crocodile may be very unhappy not to live in it's natural environment.

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