Saturday, November 12, 2011

different ways of spending free time

From different activities, which were mentioned in our English book, for me the best sounds a meal in a posh restaurant.I enjoy good food and eating gives me a  big pleasure.Personally I think it's one of the best things in life.It's a very hedonistic attitude towards life but still there aren't many things better than good food.Moreover, it's a meal in a posh restaurant so probably it would be delicious and the atmosphere would also be nice.I guess I would really appreciate such a meal.We don't often have a chance to eat in a restaurant because it's expensive and takes much more time than eating at home.On the other hand, you don't have to cook and you have everything served, what is a nice change,too.
The second thing I would choose would be a day on a hot sunny beach.First of all, I love sun, summer and holidays.All together gives me a great mood and makes me feel wonderful.It' s very relaxing to lie on a beach, on a towel or on a blanket,you can go swimming or play beach volleyball with friends.You can read books and magazines.Generally speaking - you do what you want and get a suntan at the same time.These lazy holiday days on a beach are the ones of my favorite days in a year.
The last thing I would choose is a competitive sporting activity.I don't like to compete with anybody.I've never liked races or any other kinds of competitions.I am ambitious and I strive to be the best as I can but I don't have a need to prove that or show.I work for myself and my satisfaction.However, I really like playing team games like volleyball or basketball and different sports but I don't perceive them as competitive sporting activities but great fun.What I understand through competitive activity is a race or other activities which show who is better.I used to swim and I have never liked swimming competitions because they were very stressful for me.

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