Saturday, November 19, 2011

Are we too obsessed with fitness??

Personally, I don't think we have become too obsessed with fitness.Nowadays, people often lead sedentary life,they work in offices and don't have many chances to move.This is the reason why some people pay a lot of attention to stay fit and exercise a lot.I think it's a beneficial attitude towards life.Being "obsessed with fitness" helps us to stay in a good shape.Moreover, I don't know many people who would exaggerate.Sometimes it's the girls who always want to be slimmer but generally there are not many people like that ( at least I don't know them).In fact people pay a lot of attention to the amount of calories they consume but I don't consider it an obsession.A lot of products are unhealthy, contain too much fat or sugar.We are forced to check the ingredients in products we buy.In today's world we have to think about what we eat and about exercising.Some time ago sweets were rare and the diet was healthier.The obesity wasn't a problem.Nowadays, we have to look after ourselves and I don't perceive it as something negative that people try to be fit and healthy.It goes without saying,that common sense is irreplaceable and we should have everything under control.All the things in life should be balanced.The real obsession may cause anorexia and bulimia - dangerous, life threatening diseases of XXI century.
To sum up, in my opinion we are not too obsessed with fitness excluding some extreme cases.Moreover,these days we should be concerned about our health and body condition, because it's sometimes hard to lead a healthy life style.People always prefer to live comfortably and it's usually not beneficial for our health.

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