Monday, January 30, 2012

John’s dangerous holiday adventure

John’s dangerous holiday adventure
It was the beginning of a summer vacation. John was resting at the lake with his girlfriend Susan.
The couple enjoyed themselves lying  on a blanket in the open outdoors  surrounded by nature. All they could hear were the rustling leaves and twittering birds. Hooting cars and wailing sirens were far away. Finally they got away from the problems and the noise of a big city. John decided to swim across the lake. He was fit as a fiddle and the water seemed delightfully warm. He squinted at Susan and saw her sleeping so decided to go without telling her, in order not to wake her up. He didn’t have anything to make him noticeable in the water. Without a warm- up, spontaneously, he jumped into the lake. While he was swimming, all of a sudden he got a cramp in his leg and began to drown himself. He started to panic. It was touch and go but fortunately some fishermen were nearby on a boat and heard him crying for help. They made him out and In the last moment came and yanked him aboard.
As soon as they reached the shore they started resuscitation. After a while John came to. He was dazed and had a splitting headache but was safe and sound. Susan grinned cheerfully and embraced him. He scarred the life out of her but hopefully he won’t act so thoughtlessly ever again. (240 words)

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