Friday, February 10, 2012

An incident from my childhood in which one of the children threw the household into confusion

The incident that I'm going to describe happened when I was about six years old.At that time I often used to stay with my grandparents and they would take care of me.Although, I was only 6 years old I remember this incident rather well.As usually I was in the kindergarten. Meanwhile my both parents were working.I was always different from other children.When I was young I didn't like to play with my peers very much.I was a very calm and mature child.This was one of the reasons why I hated the kindergarten.It was a nightmare for me.I had there only one friend - Basia and we would always spent time together.
We had been planning this for a long time before.Everything had to be professional and perfectly organized.The plan was ready and all we had to do was to wait for the appropriate moment.One day we decided that it finally came.That was a perfect day to escape from the kindergarten.Firstly, Basia asked the kindergarten teacher to go to the washroom.After about five minutes (we were allowed to go to washroom singly) I asked to go,too. It was the most difficult part of our escape plan because the teacher could have told me to wait until Basia comes back.Fortunately she let me go.We met together in the cloak-room.Then we silently sidled out of the building.Now we were free! We decided to go to Basia's house because there was a pouring rain outside.We were sauntering around in a downpour when suddenly we heard our teacher's nervous voice behind our backs.We were totally unaware of the fact that everybody was looking for us, including our parents who had to break out from work and the kindergarten staff.When we returned to the building everybody was furious and relieved at the same time.My parents were extremely angry but also happy that we didn't get any harm.There were also my worried grandparents waiting anxiously for us.Everybody dropped everything because of our idea to take a day off from kindergarten.It caused a lot of chaos in my family.

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