Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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In my opinion a better solution is to have mixed schools. In future life people are forced to work together and will have constant contact with other gender.We will have to cooperate and that's why we shouldn't be isolated. Moreover, boys are better when it comes to PE lessons.Usually girls don't do much during physical education so they can play with boys when they want to.Spending time together we get to know each other, the psychology of the opposite gender and their way of thinking which can be very useful and significant in future life and looking for the candidate for a husband/wife.We can complement one another.Furthermore, lessons in a single- sex schools may be sometimes boring because it is boys who mainly make the class laugh with their funny comments.I also think that a single-sex school may be a challenge for teachers.My brother attends such a class because he it's a soccer class and often the fights break out.The group, which consists only of boys may be unbearable. Of course mixed schools have a lot of disadvantages.First of all, pupils may show off instead of focusing on learning.The second drawback is that boys and girl have different needs regarding the ways of learning.
The second question is about the teachers.Should they be easy-going or unapproachable? I'm convinced that it's much more beneficial for students when the teachers are easy-going.Then students don't resist to ask when they don't understand something or have some difficulties.They are not afraid of the teachers and aren't stressed.School shouldn't be perceived as a nightmare but it's much better when we like our classes or at least don't hate them.
Discipline should be relaxed but it depends in which schools.In primary schools and gymnasiums the discipline should be more rigid because younger children usually don't understand the importance of education.Somebody (parents,school) has to force them to learn.However when it comes to high school and older students I prefer the idea of a relaxed discipline.When somebody doesn't want to learn it's his decision.The discipline should be quite rigid during lessons because the other way round some pupils may disturb the others.But as far as we talk about attending classes or coming late I don't think we need a rigid discipline.
I don't agree with the opinion that the punishments in schools are to light.I'm not keen on the idea of corporal or very severe  punishments.The punishment is not a solution.A child can have family problems or bad examples and it may be a reason for his misbehavior.Teachers and school should rather explain certain things to such a person than punish her.The punishment of expelling is very severe and restrains from doing things, which are not allowed.I also think that in most cases a call to parents is enough.Teenagers usually care about their good relations with parents and also they don't want to be punished at home.They are afraid of being grounded or that parents will ban some things,e.g a computer or tv.If both a child and a parent don't care the severe punishments won't help,too.It's rather a very difficult situation then.Severe punishments make the school more unwelcoming and pupils may try to avoid it.
Teaching methods should be progressive.The world changes, so should the teaching methods.We need different skills as the world go forward.We should be able to use computers after finishing schools and have the abilities needed later.That's why I don't perceive a 45 minute lecture the most effective way of teaching.Students should have the possibility to develop themselves and to learn how to cooperate.Moreover, they should do things that will help them to become more and more creative (e.g. the debates and discussions,projects,presentations).Generally everything, not only learning by heart and listening to the teachers.Important is that students can ask the questions and make sure that they understand everything.All the new things that people do in school develop them and learn them something different.It also makes learning less boring and monotonous.


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