Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1/73 Crimes

Today I'm going to write about two examples of breaking the law.I chose a case of an elderly, poor woman and of a young deserter.
In the first story an older woman, hardly making both ends meet,steals a tin of meat in the supermarket.She gets intercepted by a security guard.Personally, I think that she is guilty and there are no doubts that she has committed a crime.She should have paid for the product.The law is the same for everyone.Although on the one hand I have sympathy for her on the other I'm considered that she should pay for the crime.The transgression wasn't enough serious to punish her.In this case a warning may be a solution.People don't respect the law when they don't face the consequences of their offenses.It's necessary to execute the law.
The second story is about a young man who refuses to do military service on ideological grounds.The alternative for him is to do community service for eighteen months but he refuses.I think he is guilty because every citizen has the same obligation.It would be unfair towards others if he can refuse to go to the army and other men can't.I find him guilty and I think that he should be punished.He should go to jail because he doesn't want to cooperate with authorities.He could have agreed to do community service but he didn't.Few months in prison would be a sufficient penalty.

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