Thursday, April 19, 2012

review of "The Doll" by Bolesław Prus

"The Doll" is a novel by Bolesław Prus  put out in 1890. The story is set in Warsaw.The book tells a story of a merchant  Stanisław Wokulski who is a main character and his love to Ms. Łęcka - a much younger aristocrat.The novel is complex and multi- layered.
The most important plot is an unfulfilled love of the main character who is crazy about Izabela Łęcka. Unfortunately she proves to be unresponsive and inhibited. She is also very selfish and doesn't count with his feelings. His crush on her leads him to actions he wouldn't normally do.The book doesn't have a clear ending - it leaves readers unsure what happens next and arouses imagination.The novel shows how much a man can do for a woman he loves.
Striking about the novel is it's universality. It's astonishing that people's behavior hasn't really changed for years.We can find a lot of general truths in the story and see how people act. An atmosphere that we can feel while reading is also a strength - we get the picture of  Warsaw  in XIX century, Warsaw  we don't know.The book is quite humorous at times and it's a nice reading.Characters change during the story, they live through different situations, often their beliefs change. That's why they aren't monotonous and the story is kept in a brisk pace.
I can thoroughly recommend the book. "The Doll" is a classic study of love, the role of  money and position in  the society.It's thought-provoking and praiseworthy.I recommend this book especially for those who want to escape from daily life and feel like in a totally different reality.

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