Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Three most important qualities in my future husband and one which I consider not important (ex.3)

As the most important qualities I chose sense of humour, intellect and empathy. For me it's essential for my future husband to be able to make me laugh, cheer me up and make me smile, especially when I'm sad. In a everyday life we don't often have opportunities to laugh. My future husband should be this special person who can introduce happiness to my life. Moreover, I like to spend time with people who can be funny. I personally like telling jokes, having fun, meeting people and I would also like my husband to be outgoing and sociable.
My future partner should be intelligent. He doesn't have to be well educated because these are two totally different things. Educated people aren't necessarily intelligent. I don't think I would stand somebody who is stupid and with whom I can't have a decent conversation. I would be bored with a person who is too narrow-minded. My husband should have something to say. Moreover, somebody intelligent is more likely to get a good job and understand what a wonderful wife he has :)
In my opinion, empathy is a very significant quality. My husband should understand me and my problems, this way he will be able to help me. He should listen to me because it's this very person who I trust and he should support me every time I need it. He can't be indifferent, I must know that I can count on him. If he is empathetic he is probably also sensitive and protective. A woman, comparing to a man, is rather vulnerable and weak and a husband should take care of her somehow. I would like to have a possibility to turn to my husband in every difficult situation. He should always be by my side when I need him.
From the qualities in ex. 3 I chose "taste in books/ films etc" as least important. Actually, I think it's not important at all. When you get married you must be aware of the fact that you will be forced to make a compromise. Sometimes you will have to resign from watching your favorite movie because your partner wants to watch a football game on tv. However, I think that it's not a big tragedy and spouses can have different tastes and different hobbies. Essential is that they love each other's company. It would also be boring if a husband and a wife would always like the same things. People are not the same and it' perfectly normal.At times one can show the other something new and interesting for this person, they can learn something from each other.It makes life simply more interesting, it's easier for them to surprise one another.

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