Thursday, September 29, 2011

equality in a relationship

Although we live in a XXI century women and men still aren't equal.We often hear about sexual discrimination.Equality between men and women, for me, means, first of all, sharing domestic choirs.Housework shouldn't belong only to a woman but both partners should take care of their house in the same degree.A husband shouldn't support his wife - she is also able to work and earn money.This way she won't feel worse and won't be indebted to him.Moreover,not only a woman takes care of children but a man should also feel the responsibility for children's upbringing.Often men think that they can spend time on their hobbies or watching matches with pals while a woman cleans,cooks,irons,does the laundry and generally domestic workload.A woman should also have time for herself, for self-developing and favorite activities.Men often want their women to sit at home,be 24/7 to their disposal and want to have a constant control of them.They should remember that their wife is an individual person.I think all those things lead to an equality in a relationship.What is also important we shouldn't think that one sex may be better than the other.Although we differ a lot,nobody is worse than somebody else.Women and men complement one another.

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