Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Snowbone has been designed by a guy called Nick.It's aimed for people in age of about 16 - 25.It consists of a board and attached handlebars to it.Sliding a snowbone is an extreme sport,it's target market are mainly young people.How did it all begin??At first Nick and Paddy went to an audition for Dragon's den program.They were told to hang some time around because they didn't know the exact time of an audition.Nick and Paddy didn't know what to expect.After some time they went to make-up and to pitch their idea in front of a jury.Next to every person in jury were piles of cash.It was very nerve wrecking for both of them,they were toing and froing and everything took a long time, but fortunately one chap got interested in their project and decided to help them.They discussed their business with her.They told her how much they are after and other business stuff.Rachel took to them.She decided to invest and they struck a deal.Nothing was easy,there were setbacks and problems but finally they managed to source suppliers and manufacture their product.They were on cloud nine when they got the credibility and the business started to work.Nick and Paddy were always plugging away and had a great perseverance and these things were keys to their success.

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