Wednesday, September 21, 2011

factors of career success

-FINANCIAL BACKING: Necessary when you aim to start your own business and very useful during any type of a career.It enables you surviving difficult situations, ups and downs of your career path.It makes you look more serious and important in business world,others take you into an account.Sometimes you need to invest a lot of money and be patient if you want to get a profit.
-QUALIFICATIONS: People look for employers with qualifications, who can do their job properly.They want people who will be good at what they do.They know they won't have as much problems with people who are well prepared for their job.
-POSITIVE IMAGE: When someone makes a good impression than it's easier for such a person to find a job or to source suppliers while starting your own business.The positive image helps in social relations and people take to you, what also may be really helpful.Moreover it's significant in jobs,which require a contact with a customer.
-HAVING CONTACT WITH SUPERIORS: You need to get along with superiors because they decide about your career.They may promote you or fire you,may increase your wage or cut it.If they like you,they won't exploit you.
-AMBITION: Ambitious people have high aspirations,know what they want and constantly pursue their goals.They aim at being better and better in what they do.They usually achieve their objects because of their persistence.
-FORESIGHT: A skill useful in many aspects of life is especially significant  in our job career.It's beneficial to predict things while setting up own business to know what to invest in..We need to foresee the consequences.Moreover it's irreplaceable when we have something to do with economics, stock market and other risky branches.

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